About Is Good Snu Snu

     "Is Good Snu Snu" is a small guild consisting of few close knit friends and family looking for more friendly casual players.  The vision of this social gathering is to create a mature, laid back and friendly atmosphere while exploring the vast regions of Azeroth and beyond.  Camaraderie will be a primary focus of the guild, to the extent that there is no need for drama instigators such as DKP and Officers.  Our individuals will take pride in what we have accomplished as a group and not what each has done as an individual.  In order to maintain that type of discipline we believe the membership of the guild will need to be minimal but highly active.  We fully intend on experiencing endgame content although it may only be of the 10 man variety in the beginning.  To us enjoyment comes from sharing experiences and escaping together.  This will be a guild of few rules and based more on moral judgment.  I expect the guild to run the guild.  We all have equal part in the success and failure of the guild and of one another.  If this sounds like a group of individuals that you would like to associate and spend the majority of your favorite pastime with then please get to know us a little better and review our Guild Charter, if there are still questions feel free to post in the Q & A Forum before you apply.

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